Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large, muscular dogs with a well-balanced and athletic build. They have a short, dense coat that comes in various shades of wheaten color, ranging from light to red.

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Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large, muscular dogs with a strong and athletic build. They have a short, dense coat that comes in various shades of wheaten, ranging from light to red. Their ears are medium-sized and floppy, and their eyes are round and dark.

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The Female Rhodesian Ridgeback is a beautiful and athletic breed of dog known for its distinctive ridge of hair along its back.

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The Female Rhodesian Ridgeback is a beautiful and athletic breed of dog known for its distinctive ridge of hair along its back.

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Nestled amidst rolling hills at an altitude of 500 meters, spanning across a sprawling 12-hectare estate, emerges Tenuta Ermitage—an esteemed breeding establishment exclusively dedicated to the magnificent Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Recognized both by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the AKC (American Kennel Club), our breeding center holds the distinguished honor of being bestowed with the coveted health authorization number 80433 from the ULSS of the Veneto region. Moreover, we proudly hold the title of “Master Dog Breeder” as granted by Enci. At our specialized Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding facility, our dogs thrive in close communion with nature. For us, this endeavor transcends mere occupation; it is a chosen way of life. It affords us the privilege of dedicating each day entirely to our beloved canines, ensuring they receive unparalleled care and attention. Within our haven, these majestic dogs forge deep bonds not only with us but also with our young children aged one and three. Within the confines of our breeding sanctuary, we meticulously select the finest specimens that embody the essence of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed—both in terms of physical appearance and temperament. Our primary aim is to raise dogs of sound mental and physical health, enabling them to seamlessly integrate into their new families as cherished members. As you wander through the vast expanse of our estate, the captivating sight of these noble creatures gracefully navigating their surroundings will leave you spellbound. The Rhodesian Ridgebacks, with their distinctive ridge of hair along their spines, exude an elegant allure that is matched only by their unwavering loyalty and gentle disposition. With every step they take, it becomes evident that they are the epitome of canine excellence. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We place immense importance on promoting responsible breeding practices and upholding the standards set forth by the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. Our qualified team of experts meticulously assesses each potential mating pair, ensuring that only the healthiest and most compatible dogs are brought together. By doing so, we strive to preserve the integrity of the breed while minimizing hereditary concerns. Our dedication extends beyond the confines of our breeding program. We actively engage with prospective owners, diligently guiding them through the process of selecting their perfect companion. From advising on puppy care to offering ongoing support throughout the dog’s life, we are committed to fostering a lifelong bond between humans and their four-legged family members. When you choose a Rhodesian Ridgeback from Tenuta Ermitage, you are not merely acquiring a dog; you are embarking on an incredible journey filled with love, companionship, and shared adventures. We invite you to witness firsthand the harmonious blend of nature, nurture, and meticulous breeding that sets our facility apart. Welcome to Tenuta Ermitage—the epitome of excellence in Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding.
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Rhodesian Ridgeback, the charm of a unique, strong and balanced breed

Unveiling a realm of enchantment and allure, the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed remains an enigmatic treasure hailing exclusively from the sun-drenched southern regions of Africa. Its very name resonates with intrigue, derived from the remarkable characteristic that sets it apart: the regal crest, a distinctive strip of hair adorning its back in splendid defiance of the surrounding coat.

Bound to humanity by an unbreakable thread of allegiance, this magnificent breed was initially bred as both an adept hunter and a valiant guardian. Yet, as the sands of time have shifted, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has seamlessly traversed the tides of change, adapting effortlessly to the myriad facets of modern existence. A paragon of harmony and versatility, it emerges as an unparalleled companion—a true connoisseur of life, ever steadfast and resolute, an embodiment of loyalty and unwavering devotion to its cherished family.

Eyes gleaming with ancient wisdom, the Rhodesian Ridgeback beckons us into a world where its presence is nothing short of captivating. With each graceful stride, it weaves a tapestry of companionship and understanding, infusing every encounter with an air of profound connection. Its gentle yet commanding nature speaks volumes about its innate grace, effortlessly transcending the boundaries of mere pet ownership to become an integral member of the family unit.

Enveloped in its company, one discovers a symphony of attributes that harmoniously blend strength and tenderness. The Rhodesian Ridgeback embodies the duality of existence—a formidable protector and a tender confidant—gifting solace and security with every breath. Through the ebbs and flows of life, it stands resolute, an unwavering sentinel of fidelity, providing comfort in times of turbulence and exuberance during moments of triumph.

As the horizon yields to the embrace of twilight, the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s golden gaze mirrors the magnificence of an African sunset, casting a spell that transcends the boundaries of time and space. In its presence, one finds solace from the chaos of the world, an anchor to steadfast companionship, and a testament to the extraordinary bond that can flourish between humans and animals.

In this captivating tale of lineage and loyalty, the Rhodesian Ridgeback emerges as more than just a breed; it epitomizes the very essence of an extraordinary friend—one whose profound impact lingers in the heart long after their pawprints have faded from this earthly plane.

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I had a fantastic experience purchasing a Rhodesian Ridgeback from this website. The website design was clean and user-friendly, making it easy to find the perfect dog for me. The breeders associated with the website were knowledgeable and passionate about their dogs, which gave me confidence in my purchase. The transaction process was smooth, and the communication with the seller was prompt and professional. My Rhodesian Ridgeback arrived in great health and has been a joy to have. I would definitely recommend this website to anyone interested in getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback

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If you’re considering adding a female Rhodesian Ridgeback to your family, it’s important to remember that they are active dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, early socialization and consistent training are crucial to ensure they develop into well-rounded and well-behaved companions.

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