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At our specialized Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding facility, our dogs thrive in close communion with nature. For us, this endeavor transcends mere occupation; it is a chosen way of life. It affords us the privilege of dedicating each day entirely to our beloved canines, ensuring they receive unparalleled care and attention. Within our haven, these majestic dogs forge deep bonds not only with us but also with our young children aged one and three.

The story of a passion that changed our lives

We have always held deep respect and admiration for animals, particularly dogs. The profound connection between humans and these magnificent creatures has fascinated us, a bond that has endured for approximately 12,000 years.

Our initial encounter with a Rhodesian Ridgeback took place in Africa during a captivating photo safari. The lodge where we stayed was owned by a couple who possessed a pair of Ridgebacks. We were immediately struck by their serenity, dignity, and equilibrium.

Upon returning to Italy, we temporarily set aside the idea of acquiring one ourselves as we already had two Dalmatians. Nonetheless, our interest in Rhodesian Ridgebacks continued to grow. We delved into extensive research about this remarkable breed, devouring articles in specialized magazines and exploring various foreign websites to expand our knowledge.

The desire to welcome a Rhodesian Ridgeback into our lives burned passionately within us. In 2010, we embarked on a quest to find our first Ridgeback. The decision wasn’t easy, especially since we sought a female companion. Eventually, we selected the one whose temperament aligned harmoniously with our own. Kimba, our chosen Ridgeback, has always emanated a sense of balance, gentleness, and tranquility.

And so, our journey commenced. We connected with other Rhodesian Ridgeback owners, participated in beauty exhibitions, and forged bonds with fellow enthusiasts. Gradually, we immersed ourselves deeper into the world of Rhodesians.

In 2012, we organized a trip to South Africa to visit several historic Rhodesian Ridgeback farms. Our goal was to gain a more profound understanding of the breed’s diverse genealogical lines. Upon returning to Italy, we made a momentous decision—to embrace the captivating experience of breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks. After accumulating a few years of experience as amateur breeders, we resolved to make a life-altering choice: to become professional breeders.

This marked a significant turning point in our lives. We dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to the noble endeavor of nurturing and perpetuating this magnificent breed. Our passion for Rhodesian Ridgebacks continues to burn fiercely, driving us forward on this incredible journey as professional breeders.

Welcome to Tenuta Ermitage, the premier destination for Rhodesian Ridgeback enthusiasts in Florida. With our esteemed reputation and a health authorization number (N°80433) from the Mayor and Ulss 9 of the Veneto Region, we are committed to animal welfare like no other. As proud members of the National Body of the Italian Cynophilia (ENCI) and the International Cynophile Federation (FCI), our breeding practices meet the highest standards of excellence.

At Tenuta Ermitage, breeding is not just a business; it’s a way of life. We have dedicated ourselves entirely to our beloved dogs, making them the center of our universe. With no other commitments, we can offer unwavering attention and care to our four-legged family members. Our dogs live harmoniously with us, enjoying close bonds with our one and three-year-old children.

If you share our passion for these majestic creatures or wish to learn more about our exceptional puppies, we invite you to reach out to us. Our doors are open every day, all week long, from Monday to Sunday. Experience the warm embrace of our loving environment and witness firsthand the love, dedication, and expertise that sets Tenuta Ermitage apart.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of our remarkable journey. Contact us now and embark on an extraordinary adventure with Riccardo, Romina, and the extraordinary Rhodesian Ridgebacks of Tenuta Ermitage. Your dreams of owning a magnificent companion are just a click away. Thank you for visiting us!

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The ULSS health authorization is a prestigious accolade bestowed upon elite establishments, reserved exclusively for professional farms that exceed the highest standards of excellence. Meticulously conducted by the region’s esteemed veterinarians, a comprehensive inspection ensues, scrutinizing every facet of the premises dedicated to our beloved canine companions. These meticulous checks encompass the majestic spaces designed exclusively for dogs, where their well-being takes precedence above all else.

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If you’re considering adding a female Rhodesian Ridgeback to your family, it’s important to remember that they are active dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation. Additionally, early socialization and consistent training are crucial to ensure they develop into well-rounded and well-behaved companions.

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