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Here is some information about Mali, the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed:

  1. Strong and Athletic: Mali, as a Rhodesian Ridgeback, possesses a robust and athletic build. He displays a muscular and well-proportioned physique, showcasing his strength and agility.
  2. Confident and Courageous: Mali exudes confidence and fearlessness. He exhibits unwavering courage and determination, making him a reliable protector and guard dog.
  3. Loyal and Protective: As a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed, Mali is known for his unwavering loyalty and protective nature towards his family. He will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of his loved ones.
  4. Intelligent and Trainable: Mali demonstrates high intelligence and is easily trainable. He quickly grasps commands and enjoys learning new tasks and tricks, making training sessions a rewarding experience.
  5. Gentle and Affectionate: Beyond his strong exterior, Mali has a gentle and affectionate side. He forms deep bonds with his family members and cherishes spending quality time with them.
  6. Energetic and Active: Mali possesses abundant energy and loves engaging in physical activities. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are crucial to keeping him happy and content.
  7. Dignified and Regal: With his elegant appearance and confident demeanor, Mali carries himself with dignity and regality. He effortlessly attracts the attention of those around him, leaving a lasting impression.

General Information

Name Date Of Birth
Jade from the Hermitage Estate 03 May 2023

Titles and Awards

Selected ENCI breeder
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rally Montichiari, 2016, 3 Excellent – Youth Class


Father: Mult. Ch. Chibale “Habeebah” by Shingamonga (HD: A; ED: 0)
Mother: Mult. Ch. Chacha Gasparova Pronkberg Abana (HD:A;ED:0).


Hip Dysplasia Elbow dysplasia TOC Heart Disease DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) DNA deposit
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