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Some vital informations about the Rhodesian Ridge Back breed Malika:

  1. Strong and Powerful: Malika the male Rhodesian Ridgeback exudes strength and power. He possesses a well-muscled body and a commanding presence.
  2. Loyal and Protective: Malika is fiercely loyal to his family and exhibits a strong protective instinct. He will go to great lengths to safeguard his loved ones.
  3. Confident and Assertive: Malika carries himself with confidence and displays an assertive nature. He is self-assured in his actions and interactions with others.
  4. Intelligent and Alert: Malika is highly intelligent and keenly aware of his surroundings. He is quick to assess situations and can make smart decisions when needed.
  5. Courageous and Brave: Malika embodies bravery and courage. He fearlessly confronts challenges and has the determination to overcome obstacles.
  6. Athletic and Energetic: Malika is an energetic and athletic dog. He enjoys physical activities such as running, playing, and exploring the outdoors.
  7. Independent and Self-Reliant: Malika possesses an independent streak and can exhibit self-reliance. While he values his family, he also appreciates moments of solitude.

General Information

Name Date Of Birth
Malika of the Hermitage Estate 18 February 2023

Titles and Awards

Junior class, 3 very promising – Volta Mantovana Rally, 2016


Father: UGG (HD: A; ED: 0), JME: free, DM: free, heart disease: free.
Mother: MALI of the Domaine de l’Hermitage (HD: A; ED: 0), JME: free, DM: free, cardiopathy: free.


Hip Dysplasia Elbow dysplasia TOC Heart Disease DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy) DNA deposit
1 0 Free Free Parent Free Parent Free Realised


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